Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pain of Alone

I was Lonely
Denying Affection
Hated Heart
Through by Someone..
Am Floating like Paper Boat in My Life...

Betray Rain...
Disappointment Sunlight...
Only in My Forest...

Time is Passed
But not Mind.......

Loneliness is Chasing Me like
Shadow in Day Time
Darkness in Night Time...

The words Dissolved in Air
Which I used in Alone
Will reach Her like a Breezy in One Day...

My nights are Passed with the Sound of Wall Clock
During that Night am Seen Her Face like Mirage..

I Speak to Myself
I Laugh to Myself
I Cry to Myself
I Hide Everything into Myself
One day I will Buried My Life Into her Memories........

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